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Angela R. Hopson, RP®, IRP, Primary Representative
Tracey Woolsey, RP®, Secondary Representative

Sitting: Monthly Meeting Director – Rhonda Murphy; CLE Director – Cheri Spicer; Vice President – Lottie Wathen; President – Arlene Morris; The Honorable Timothy J. Oakes; Secretary – Everlla Savage; and Certification Ambassador and Newsletter Director – Angela Woodlee. Standing: NFPA Primary – Angela R. Hopson; Ethics Director – Jamie Collins; Technology Director – Tracey Woolsey; Parliamentarian – Sarah Ogden; Job Bank Director – Julie Johnson; Marketing / PR Director – Laura Thirion; Education Director – Nichole Miller; Fundraising – Jodie Bergeron; and Membership Director – Amy Yeskie.

Welcome to the Indiana Paralegal Association (“IPA”)!  IPA has paved the way for the other associations in Indiana and was formed in 1979.  We are currently planning our 40th anniversary celebration for 2019. 

Our current fundraising efforts include using our membership registration and corporate sponsorships dollars to fund a portion of our association’s activities.  Pro Bono is a HUGE part of IPA and every year we host a fundraising silent auction in December to support a local charity and its efforts within the community.  Charitable partners of IPA have included the Autism Society of Indiana, Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis, and Outreach, Inc. to name a few.  IPA has a Pro Bono Section Chair who is energized and will hopefully initiate additional opportunities for the association, its member pool, and our community. 

Since 2013, IPA has budgeted for two scholarships per year for both the PACE® and PCCE™ NPFA examinations.  To date, IPA has awarded one lucky winner with a full-ride scholarship in the Fall of 2013 to take the PACE® exam.  That candidate was successful in her efforts and become one of the many NFPA-credentialed paralegals in the State of Indiana.    

IPA attracts and increases association membership through college student and professor relationships, discussions with community employers, paralegal presentations, monthly meetings, CLEs, as well as working on increased benefits to its membership pool such as free hours of CLE, discounts, and an updated job bank. 

IPA hosts several big events on an annual basis.  Our top three events include the Board Introduction Luncheon and Award Ceremony Luncheon in July, the Holiday Luncheon and Silent Auction event for our charitable partner in December, and a Joint Meeting Luncheon with the Indianapolis Bar Association and State Bar Association in May.

IPA is honored to be sponsored by document management companies, court-reporting agencies, process of service companies, legal blogs, and investigation companies located in our community and neighboring states. 

IPA has a great working relationship with Indiana University – Purdue University – Indianapolis (“IUPUI”), Marion College, Ball State University and Ivy Tech State College.  We have presented various paralegal panels, which included backgrounds in different areas of law, experience, settings, and even have included lawyers and judicial officers in the past.  Our relationships with our local paralegal programs are essential to providing paralegal continuity in the State of Indiana.  We have provided additional services such as resume review, speed dating a paralegal, serving on paralegal program boards, and hosting open houses to network, answer questions, and grow relations with our paralegal program directors, professors, and students. 

IPA is lucky enough to have a few founding members still involved in our association as mentors and community leaders.  They are always one phone call or email away and their precedence and continued guidance has been priceless in our Association’s growth. 

At this time, IPA is excited to be in the initial planning stages of the Association’s 40th anniversary celebration.  We cannot wait to spill the beans on this exciting event and hope you make plans to join us!  Indiana is a wonderful place to visit and we would LOVE to show our home base off to you.  In addition, IPA will be hosting the Region III meeting in 2019.  We hope to see you at one of these awesome events with various legal resources and opportunities for professional and self-advancement.  Will you join us?   

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