Paralegal Education - NFPA Approval for Continuing Legal Education

Please note: It may take up to 60 days for submitted CLE forms to be processed. Please be sure to submit early enough to allow for turnaround time.

Also, please note the current mailing address for NFPA:

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Please be sure to mail correspondence to the new address.

NFPA Approved Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

In order for a CLE provider to advertise that their seminar or webinar is "NFPA Approved", and thus is pre-approved for CLE credit towards PACE or PCCE credentialing, the CLE application must be submitted and receive approval by NFPA.

Approval packets are received by NFPA headquarters, the fee is processed and the packet materials are then forwarded on to the CLE Coordinator.  Following their review, headquarters notifies the applicant of the decision.  This process can take up to 60 days when submission traffic is heaviest so please send in application packets well ahead of time!  (this supersedes the timeframe on some printed forms)

Form for Use by Individuals

Form for Use by NFPA Member Associations

  • NFPA automatically accepts CLE credit issued by its member associations as part of the renewal for PACE Registered Paralegals and CORE Registered Paralegals. If the association wishes to market their CLE as "NFPA Approved" they need to submit it for our approval because our trademarked name is involved.  Regardless of whether the association seeks approval or not, they are welcome to add all their events to NFPA's events calendar!
  • Association Event Calendar Entry form with optional Application for CLE Approval (online; member must be signed in to website to fill this in)

Forms for Use by All Other CLE Providers

  • Having NFPA pre-approve your CLE gives PACE Registered Paralegals and CORE Registered Paralegals the assurance that the offering is qualified for use in their credential renewals.  Some third-party credentialing organizations also recognize NFPA Approval of CLE for their qualification and/or renewal processes; inquire with them for details.
  • Application for Continuing Legal Education Credits - all other CLE providers (online form)
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