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September 15-18, 2022
Cleveland, OH

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Continuing Legal Education
& Upcoming Events

It is imperative that paralegals have first-rate organizational skills and superior attention to detail when it comes to drafting wills and trusts. This essential course will provide you with the important elements you need to assemble accurate, comprehensive documents. You will also gain valuable information concerning tax filing and applicable accounting principles. Ensure you have a solid understanding of the key aspects of wills and trusts - register today!

When: 1/25/2022
Where: Online

On behalf of the NFPA In-House Paralegal Committee - please attend this free webinar hosted by CSC.

Do you wish you were more organized and confident about managing your business license portfolio? When it comes to researching, filing, and renewing business licenses and permits, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Join CSC for this comprehensive, hour-long webinar and let CSC help take the stress out of your business license process in 2022.  Click on the link below to register. 

Our experts will walk you through the different types of business licenses and also discuss the importance of establishing a centralized process to manage your research and renewals. The event concludes with a demonstration of CSC’s Business License Portfolio Management System and a live Q&A session to ensure your most pressing licensing questions are answered.

If you cannot attend at 11 am there is another session at 2 pm ET.


When: 1/25/2022
Where: Webinar