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Maintaining Your Personal Well-Being During Rapidly Changing Times 

Facing a new reality, the times we are living is now the changing face of a world which is more connected than apart. These are perilous times where public health and global security have consumed headlines from our daily lives leaving us with the feeling of uncertainty or fear of what’s to come.

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NFPA 2022 Convention
September 15-18, 2022
Cleveland, OH

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Continuing Legal Education
& Upcoming Events

NFPA Joint Conference
May 19-21, 2022
Minneapolis, MN

Participant in-person or virtually. Learn more and register here!

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Basics
Bankruptcy options for individuals and organizations
Goals of Chapter 7 bankruptcy and typical outcomes
Pre-bankruptcy planning and alternatives

Eligibility for and Objectives of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Eligibility issues in Chapter 7
Assessing the debtor’s objectives in filing bankruptcy


Preparing and Filing Petition and Schedules
Collecting and organizing information from the debtor
Preparing and filing petition and schedules


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Practice
Purpose and effect of the automatic stay
Operation of trustee
Administering the bankruptcy estate
Obtaining discharge

Creditors’ Claims
Treatment of secured and unsecured claims
iling claims
Attending examinations and meetings
Effect of the automatic stay

Preparing for plan confirmation and discharge
Filing objections


Ethical Issues in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Practice
Making a full disclosure to the bankruptcy court
Dealing with the secretive or dishonest client
Preventing conflicts of interest
Avoiding the unauthorized practice of law

When: 5/23/2022
Where: Online

When it comes to the final closing paperwork for a real estate transaction, it's more important
than ever for paralegals to be on top of their game. This program comes with checklists, sample
documents, and practical insights to help you ensure no detail goes overlooked. Get everything in
order for a smooth and timely closing - register today!
· Examine what a comprehensive closing checklist should include.
· Learn how to prepare, review, and organize various documents for closing.
· Ensure that deeds and other documents are properly recorded after the closing.

When: 5/24/2022
Where: Online

Save the Date!

NFPA 2022 Convention
September 15-18, 2022
Cleveland, OH

Learn more about this year's event