Recorded CLE Webinars by NFPA (continued)

Assemble Documents Faster - Best Practices for Copy and Re-Using Text from Prior Documents (12/03/2019)
Speaker: Deborah Savandra,

Legal professionals often draw on prior documents when drafting new ones. Learn how to repurpose text from old documents into new ones without creating formatting disasters. We'll cover everyth¡ng from advanced pasting techniques to leveraging Microsoft Word's Building Blocks feature to instantly drop in frequently-used text snippets.

This session is approved for 1.0 CLE. Click to order this webinar

Document Automation Tools and Uses (11/7/2019)
Speaker: Joseph Schieffer

New technologies have made it easier than ever to automate documents. Document automation enables law firms to be more accurate, consistent, and efficient in creating documents. Legal services providers that take advantage of modern technologies will improve client service and outpace their competitors. Attendees will learn about the current landscape of document automation tools and technologies. They’ll learn the steps to implement document automation and resources that will be valuable to reference when implementing document automation into their practice.

This session is approved for 1.0 CLE. Click to order this webinar

Sexual Harassment in Housing-When Tenants and Applicants are Harassed, What Can They Do? (9/25/2019)
Speaker: R. Tamar Hagler, Deputy Chief, Housing and Civil Enforcement Section

Sexual harassment in housing impacts countless individuals, resulting in significant distress, eviction and homelessness. The conduct often involves unrelenting, unwanted sexual advances or requests for sexual acts in exchange for a place to live, repairs to the home, reduced rents or delayed evictions. During this session, hear from the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice about how to recognize sexual harassment in housing, and what options may be available to those who have been sexually harassed by property managers, landlords, maintenance workers, housing authority officials, or others with power over access to housing.

This session is approved for 1.0 CLE. Click to order this webinar.

 Paralegals and Unauthorized Practice of Law in 2019 (9/12/2019)
Speaker: Toni Marsh, J.D.

As the paralegal profession grows in numbers, prestige, and range, highly educated and sophisticated paralegals are taking on ever more responsibility and working with increasing independence. This is wonderful for the profession and the public, which enjoys increased access to justice and reduced legal costs. But as the profession expands, it becomes ever more important to define the boundaries of unauthorized practice of law and clearly describe what is. ln this interactive session, Professor Marsh will explain what it means to practice law, provide a concise e-element test to recognize when a situation involves giving legal advice, and take through real and hypothetical situations to demonstrate the concepts reviewed.

This session is approved for 1.0 Ethics CLE. Click to order this webinar.

Digital Assets in Estate Planning and Administration (08/20/2019)
Speaker: Luciann Givonetti, PA.C.P

As the digital age moves at a fast pace, we are finding that many aspects of the law are being affected as well. In particular, estate planning and estate administration practice groups are having to revise documents and processes in order to provide the msot up to date, reliable and accurate information to their clients. It is imperative that today's paralegals be kept informed of this changing environment.

This session is for anyone who would like to learn more about what digital assets are, understand the importance of making sure the assets are accounted for in estate planning, and the "how to" for administering the assets at death. It will assist any paralegals who work in estate planning/administration, as well as those who want to ensure they have an up to date digital asset estate plan.

This session is approved for 1.0 CLE credit. Click here to order this webinar

What's in a Name? Best Practices for Tricky UCC Debtor Names (06/13/2019)
Speaker: Kacy Flowers, CLAS Information Services

The Uniform Commercial Code establishes strict guidelines for properly naming debtors on UCC Financing Statements. Those who prepare and submit UCC filings need a good understanding of the intricacies and best practices regarding UCC debtor names as UCC filing mistakes can have severe consequences for a secured party down the road. Join us online to learn more about:
- Naming Requirements for Business Debtors
- Naming Requirements for Individual Debtors
- Subtle UCC Naming Errors
- DBA and Tradenames 
- Remedies for UCC Filing Mistakes
- And more!

Session approved for 1.0 CLE credit. Click to order this webinar.

VA Pension Benefits 101 (5/31/2019)
Speaker: Kristen R. Matthews, Esq., LL.M., CELA, MacElree Harvey Ltd.

As a follow up to the March 22 "Medicaid 101" presentation, this session, presented by an  elder law attorney possessing the impressive Certified Elder Law Attorney designation ('CELA'), will be a walk through of the rules and application for Veterans Administration Pension Benefits, practical examples, and a walk through of the issues that arise throughout application process that can affect the ultimate approval (or denial) of benefits.

Session approved for 1.0 CLE credit. Click to order this webinar.

Painless Foreign Corporate Qualifications Projects are Possible! (4/23/2019)
Speaker: Kacy Flowers, CLAS Information Services

Coordinating a foreign corporate qualification project requires careful planning and keen attention to detail as mistakes can delay document filing and cost clients valuable time and money.  This presentation uses real-world examples to highlight common pitfalls encountered during foreign qualifications and offers practical tips for how to avoid them.  Join us online to learn more about:
- Project organization
- Corporate Compliance Requirements
- Business Naming Rules
- Supporting Document Requirements
- And more!

Session approved for 1.0 CLE credit. Click to order this webinar

Medicaid 101 (3/22/2019)
Speaker: Kristen R. Matthews, Esq., LL.M., CELA

The issues surrounding long-term care and medical assistance touch nearly every person, and the likelihood that a paralegal will be called to assist an attorney in working with on an elder law case is great.  This session, presented by an expert elder law attorney possessing the impressive Certified Elder Law Attorney designation ('CELA") will introduce the participants to a comprehensive overview of the qualifications, basic rules, and application for medical assistance ("Medicaid"). We will discuss the asset planning tools for clients, the role of the paralegal in the application process, and tips for success.

Session approved for 1.0 CLE credit. Click to order this webinar

Spirits, Restaurants, and Cannabis: What Can They Teach Us About State, Federal and Common Law Trademarks? (2/6/2019)
Speaker: Stephen Grant, B.S., Ch.E., J.D.

Many clients have businesses that are limited to operation/reputation in a local region, such as restaurants, wineries, breweries and, more recently, legal cannabis-related businesses. This class will introduce the general concepts of trademarks, service marks and trade names, as well as the general law of trademarks.

Session approved for 1.0 CLE credit. Click to order this webinar

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