Association Spotlight

Association Spotlight: 

New York City Paralegal Association

The New York City Paralegal Association was started in May 2007. Through the years we've had some time to learn and grow with our members. We've learned that just like our city, we are not always predictable. We've learned that we all want what's best for our communities and for our profession. 

Programs that have benefited and have helped cultivate our membership was our mentorship program where we conducted mock interviews and looked over resumes. They also include the following:  

  • Litigation and corporate bootcamps
  • Patterns & Trademarks 
  • Real Estate 
  • One Day Legal Conference for Paralegal and other Legal Professionals that covered different types of law 
  • An evening 1 hour CLE on different types of law
  • E-Discovery 1/2 day programs or evening programs we co-hosted with ACEDs    

We've also held a graduation party for our graduating students. We recognize the hard work of the students and hope to provide them with a community to let them know that we are committed to their continuing education and networking opportunities going forward. 

We also provide pro bono opportunities which we list on our calendar. We believe giving back is a true gift. We will be giving away a scholarship that was inspired by a member who believed in helping out the community. It's the Gillian Gayle Scholarship and it will go out to a member who has given their time to assist in Pro Bono opportunities. 

Aside from the Gillian Gayle Scholarship we've had scholarships to help students to contribute to their last year of schooling. The money can go towards payment of a class or books. All of which can be pricey for a student. We also have a scholarship that helps pay for a member's PACE/PCCE exam.

We are looking forward to hosting the NFPA Joint Conference this coming April 28-30, 2017. We are so proud to have as a speaker the honorable Judge Lippman. Chief Judge Lippman has served at all levels of the New York State Court system throughout his career, including as staff attorney, administrator and judge. His administrative service includes six years as Chief Clerk and Executive Officer of the New York Supreme Court for New York County (Civil Term) and six years as the Deputy Chief Administrator for Management of the New York State Courts, during which time he was responsible for managing and overseeing the day-to-day operation of the statewide court system.

He’s known as an advocate for access to justice and the Court Navigators Program in New York.

Another speaker we will be having is Marty Tankleff, J.D., NYS Exonoree, Vice President of Absolutely Innocent, Inc., CURE NY Advisory Board Member and an Innocence Project Exoneree Board Member. He will tell his remarkable story of being wrongly convicted, spending 17 years in jail and what he went through to gain justice in the court.

We would also like to mention that we’ll be having Claire R. Thomas, Director of Training, of the Safe Passage Project, who will be speaking about asylum during the Joint Conference's pro bono session. Claire is also an Adjunct Professor at New York Law School.

You don’t want to miss these powerful speakers and their message that goes beyond the state of New York.

We will also be celebrating our 10 year anniversary so we'd love to have all of you attend. Check us out on Facebook at #paralegalsinthecitythatneversleeps and on Instagram at NYCPARALEGALASSOCIATION during the conference we are hoping for people to put their pictures up with #paralegalsinthecitythatneversleeps. The Paralegal Graduation party is in works as well as another Mentor Program Workshop for students.

We hope to see you there April 28-30! 

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