API PACE Review Course Additional Information

1. Can you give me a description of a typical online class?
The class is seven weeks in length. You will have discussion questions, e-lectures, assignments and readings in the PACE study manual each week covering one unit a week for a total of 7 units.
2. Is it similar to following a tutorial?
No, there is an instructor who posts discussion questions and leads the discussion. The instructor also posts all assignments and e-lectures. Essentially, you have an instructor available to you each day of the course.

3. How many hours per week online are required?
There is no set time required, however plan to spend an average of 2-3 hours per week. That is an estimate. Not all of this time is spent on the computer. You will respond to discussions on line but you can print the e-lectures and assignments. The beauty of the distance learning course is that it is available to you around the clock and you can do it when it is convenient.

4. What is the average number of hours spent for individuals completing this 7 week course, including study time off line, if applicable?
See above.
5. How are tests given?

There is a mock test of the PACE exam given during the seventh week on the computer. We recommend you take the exam without looking up the answers so you have a good idea as to how you would do on the actual PACE exam. You will learn what domains are your weakest and what areas you need to study harder.
6. Does it normally take a full 24 hours for the instructor to answer questions?

No, but we suggest that this is the absolute latest time allowed for a reply. Our instructors are wonderful and try to make themselves as readily available as possible.
7. Given that we all have different learning styles, is there a certain percentage of individuals who find themselves unable to learn in this particular environment?

Everyone is different. A distance learning course takes discipline and responsibility which employers place in the highest regard. It is easy to go to a campus or building and sit for three hours a week, listen to a lecture, discuss the subject matter, and then return the next week. Studying on line takes determination and independence which is recognized by many.

8. Is there a book fee?
Yes, the PACE study Manual must be purchased by the student prior to the start of the class.  The current cost of the textbook is $75 plus shipping and handling.
9. What software is utilized?

We utilize the Moodle Network software. There is a web based version which means there is no software to download. You just type in our web address and log in. You will be given a confirmation letter regarding your registration. This letter will provide you all the necessary information as to how to get started.

10. Do you need to be logged in at a specific time each day?

The course is taught asynchronous which means there is no specific time you must be on line. There is an instructor who is available to you and is on line every day. The instructor sets deadlines for responses to the discussion questions and assignments.

11. Does your course offer any test taking tips?

Yes, the last unit is devoted to test taking and what to expect at Prometric Test Centers, the test taking facility.

12. What do I receive at the conclusion of the course?

Your instructor will provide you with a grade and a Certificate of Completion.

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