PCCE Application

This application must be filled in and submitted online. Incomplete forms or those missing required supporting documents will be rejected and the exam fee refunded. Please check all form fields and supporting document uploads are complete before submitting!

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Applicant Information

First Name:
Middle Initial
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Last Name:
Credential(s) Held:
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Preferred E-mail:
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This application is based on ONE of the following eligibility prerequisites:
A bachelor's degree in any subject, a paralegal certificate, no experience or continuing legal education (CLE); or
A bachelor's degree in paralegal studies, no experience or CLE; or
A bachelor's degree in any subject, no paralegal certificate, 6 months of experience and 1 hour of ethics taken in the year preceding the exam application date; or
An associate's degree in paralegal studies, no experience or CLE; or
An associate's degree in any subject, a paralegal certificate, no experience or CLE; or
An associate's degree in any subject, no paralegal certificate, 1 year of experience and 6 hours of CLE, including 1 hour of ethics taken in the year preceding the exam application date; or
Active duty, retired or former military personnel qualified in a military operation specialty as a paralegal and 1.0 hour of Ethics CLE within the year preceding the exam application; or
A paralegal certificate from a program that meets or exceeds the requirements set forth in NFPA's Short Term Paralegal Program Position Statement , 1 year of experience and 6 hours of CLE, including 1 hour of ethics taken in the year preceding the exam application date; or
A high school diploma or GED, 5 years of experience and 12 hours of CLE, including 1 hour of ethics taken in the 2 years preceding the exam application date.

Highest Education Level Achieved

High School
Associate's degree
Bachelor's degree
Bachelor's degree including paralegal studies
Master's degree
Doctorate (Ph.D.)
Juris Doctor (J.D.)

Paralegal program certificate - yes
Paralegal program certificate - no
Required supporting documentation based on your selections above. Attach PDF's here, total of files must be smaller than 4 MB:
Scan of diploma:
Name of School:
Some school names will auto-fill after a few letters are typed. Many won't. The auto-fill is a convenience when it works, nothing more.
Scan of paralegal certificate:
Scan of official transcripts:
If applicable: If your supporting documents show a name different from the one on this application, upload a marriage certificate or court-approved petition for name change:

Application Status

First-time PCCE candidate
Repeat PCCE candidate

Specialty Areas and Demographic Information

Indicate all the specialty areas in which you have at least six months of experience. This information is for statistical use only and is not used to verify your experience for qualification purposes.
Administrative Law
Corporate Law
Family Law
Personal Injury
Probate/Estates and Trusts
Real Estate

How many years of paralegal experience do you have?
You can assist NFPA in complying with federal equal opportunity guidelines by responding to the next three optional questions addressing race, age, and sex. This information will be used for statistical purposes only and will in no way affect your examination eligibility or results.
Ethnic Origin
American Indian/Native American
Asian, Asian American
African American/Black
Hispanic/Hispanic American
Age Range
Under 25
40 and above

Special Accomodations

Indicate whether you are requesting special accommodations for this examination.

Notice of Passing PCCE

For candidates successfully passing PCCE, NFPA or any of its agents reserves the right to release limited information as to the name, city, state and association affiliation of the candidate. At this time this is mainly by lists on the website and in the Annual Convention program. If you do not wish to be listed uncheck this checkbox.

Exam Impropriety Clause and Use of Credential

I apply to sit for PCCE. I understand that successful completion of PCCE depends on my satisfying all criteria for knowledge, education, and experience established by NFPA, including the submission of all required documents and references. I also understand that any false, inaccurate, or misleading statements included here will constitute grounds for the suspension or revocation of the PCCE credential awarded on the basis of the information I provide.

I understand and acknowledge that PCCE and its contents are highly confidential and proprietary to NFPA and PCCE. By signing this acknowledgment, I agree not to copy, distribute, or disclose the contents, or breach its confidentiality. I further acknowledge that disclosure of exam questions or specific contents may result in the loss of the credential and/or inability to sit for the exam at some future time.

By submitting this application, I certify that I have not been convicted of a felony. (or comparable crime as defined by a state that does not have a felony designation) I also certify that I am not currently under suspension, termination, or revocation of a certificate, registration, or license to practice by a professional organization, court, disciplinary board, or agency in any jurisdiction.

I understand that by submitting this acknowledgment, I am giving full authority to the Certification Standards Committee, NFPA, Prometric, or any of its agents to obtain all necessary information to confirm this application, including its supporting documents. Further, I acknowledge that this is a release to any individual or entity that I have referenced in the application and/or supporting documents to provide any and all information necessary to support and/or deny my application.

Furthermore, I understand that the score I receive immediately upon completion of the exam is an unofficial, preliminary score. I understand that use of the trademarked credential (e.g. Jane Doe, CRP® or Jane Doe, CORE Registered Paralegal®) before it is officially bestowed is prohibited.


The PCCE examination fee is $250, or $215 for NFPA members, and the application fee is $25 for everyone. Your total is $275.
Pay by: credit card (Visa/MasterCard/American Express)
check or money order (payment submittal information on next page)

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