Guidelines for Eligibility for NFPA Voting Membership

  • A voting member association shall be any state or local paralegal association ("association"), a national military association of paralegals for each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, with stated goals and purposes, as set forth in its bylaws, constitution, and/or rules and regulations, that are not be inconsistent with NFPA®'s goals and purposes.
  • The membership requirements of the association must not exclude or discriminate against a class of paralegals or impose educational requirements as a sole condition to membership, unless the association can demonstrate that such restrictions are for good cause and not arbitrarily imposed, but created to provide a forum to address specialized issues. Any such class restriction cannot be imposed upon all categories of the association's membership.
  • The membership requirements must not exclude or discriminate because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual preference, or physical handicaps.
  • The paralegal association must be an autonomous group, not controlled by any organization, educational or training institution, business enterprise, or other entity. Membership in another professional legal assistant association is not prohibited.
  • Voting control of the association must be vested in practicing paralegals who are not incarcerated.
  • The association must have at least fifteen (15) voting members and be a nonprofit organization.
  1. The applicant association must submit a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $50.
  2. NFPA® voting member associations pay annual dues of $30 for each active/voting individual member except for student members whose rate is $25 annually. The applicant associations' bylaws must have a separate student category of membership consistent with NFPA® policy.
  3. To have a vote at NFPA® Policy Meetings, it is necessary for the association to be in good standing and to send a representative. Travel expenses for representatives are the responsibility of the local association.
  4. Although each association is encouraged to participate on or chair a committee, such responsibility is assumed at the discretion of the member association. Procedures have been established for NFPA® reimbursement of committee expenses.

Guidelines for Eligibility for NFPA Affiliate Membership

  • The Affiliate Membership category is available to associations that have less than thirty members and which do not want to take an active role in the governance of NFPA® but do want to associate with the mission and activities of NFPA®. The association must apply for voting status if its membership exceeds thirty.

    The benefits to individual members of an Affiliate Member are as follows:

    • One copy of the monthly publication INSIDE NFPA® will be provided to the President. This information can be disseminated to general membership of your association.
    • The National Paralegal Reporter® will be distributed to your association members.
    • NFPA® membership rates at all meetings and seminars.
    • Access to all NFPA® member benefits.

    The cost of Affiliate Membership is determined by the Board.

modified 8/3/2015

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