Pro Bono - NFPA Commitment

NFPA is committed to paralegal involvement in pro bono services and the delegates have adopted pro bono related agenda topics since 1979. With the legal needs of low-income individuals increasing, paralegal involvement in pro bono activities has become even more critical. Paralegals can benefit the community, the private bar, the judiciary, and the paralegal profession by volunteering of their time, abilities, and skills as trained legal professionals. Pro bono activities also give the local paralegal associations’ greater visibility with bar associations, the judiciary and the public.

  • 1979 - NFPA reaffirms its support of public interest activities (NFPA Resolution 79-12)

  • 1984 - NFPA Pro Bono Committee Established (NFPA Resolution 84-10)

  • 1989 - NFPA Pro Bono Coordinator Established (NFPA Resolution 89-9)

  • 1999 - Canon 1.4 of NFPA's Model Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility and Guidelines for Enforcement amended to include 24-hour annual pro bono aspiration and definition of pro bono services adopted (NFPA Resolution 99F-4)

  • 2001 - NFPA delegates vote to include pro bono participation towards continuing legal education credits (NFPA Resolution 01S-08)

  • 2002 - NFPA delegates vote to include pro bono administrative hours towards annual 24-hour aspiration (NFPA Resolution 02F-1)

  • 2006 - NFPA delegates vote to create a program to acknowledge and recognize the endeavors and contributions that paralegals make towards community service projects. Canon 1.4 of NFPA's Model Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility and Guidelines for Enforcement amended to include 24-hour annual community service aspiration and definition of community service adopted (NFPA Resolution 06-05)

  • 2006 - NFPA delegates vote to designate May as Pro Bono month (NFPA Resolution 06-03)

  • 2012 - NFPA delegates vote to change Pro Bono month from May to October to coincide with the ABA Celebration of Pro Bono (NFPA Resolution 12-01)

NFPA Continues to Encourage Paralegal Pro Bono Work

  • At the NFPA Annual Convention two Pro Bono awards are given, one to an individual and one to an association. 
  • NFPA hosts a pro bono conference annually, either face-to-face or through a series of webinars.
  • Many NFPA member associations have a Pro Bono Coordinator. 
modified 3/17/2016

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