Local Association Member Spotlight: Shaun J. Pilcher

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Shaun J. PilcherWe are very pleased to profile NFPA local association member, Shaun J. Pilcher, Immediate Past President and NFPA Secondary Representative of New York City Paralegal Association, Inc.

As some NFPA members may know, Shaun has accepted a paralegal position working overseas in Saudi Arabia for the Saudi national oil company, Saudi Aramco.  Shaun credits this exciting opportunity as a direct result of his involvement in his local association as its NFPA Secondary Representative.

At the 2014 NFPA Annual Policy Meeting and Convention 2014 in Dallas, Texas, as part of his representative duties, Shaun visited each of the vendors and sponsors who attended the NFPA Annual Convention.  Shaun feels it is important to stop by each and every booth to personally thank the vendors for their support of NFPA and attendance at NFPA's policy meeting.  Shaun recognizes that without the legal service providers' support, NFPA's Annual Convention and Policy Meeting would not be possible.

One of the vendors at the 2014 NFPA Convention in Dallas was a recruiter for Saudi Aramco.  When Shaun stopped by the company's booth to thank them for their support, Shaun began to talk to Saudi Aramco's representative about his company's presence at the meeting, since Shaun had not seen paralegal recruiters at past NFPA conventions.

That chance meeting in Dallas piqued Shaun's interest in the Company.  Using his excellent paralegal skills, Shaun performed extensive research on the company and Saudi Arabia, as well as the possible opportunities of his employment with the company overseas as a paralegal. Shaun made several follow up contacts with the company because he had not seen the job posted on their website job opportunities.  After several more communications with the company, Shaun was eventually put in touch with the company's United States subsidiary in Houston, which is responsible for hiring.

Shaun was eventually asked to participate in a telephone interview with several individuals in Saudi Arabia.  Two weeks, after these interviews, Shaun received a phone call asking if he would be interested in an "in person" interview to be conducted via videoconferencing.  Shaun was flown from New York to Houston, where the interview took place.  Shaun was very excited that the company was interested enough in him as a candidate to fly him to Houston.  Needless to say, the interview went extremely well. Approximately two weeks later, Shaun was contacted and advised that the company wanted to make him an offer of employment, contingent upon completion of a background check and medical exam.

At this point, Shaun felt it was definitely getting "real" and he knew he had to decide if this was something he really wanted to pursue.  Even though Shaun had already done extensive research on both the company and Saudi Arabia in general, he had to decide if he really wanted to make the huge commitment of moving from New York to Saudi Arabia.

Shaun discussed the idea with his family and determined he would accept the offer of employment. Interestingly, while Shaun was at the 2015 NFPA Annual Policy Meeting in Hawaii, he received a telephone call informing him he had passed all his contingencies and was offered employment as a paralegal for the company in Saudi Arabia.  He leaves for Saudi Arabia in early December.

Please join us in wishing Shaun fun and professional growth in his new paralegal position.

Shaun shares with NFPA members the following:

"This amazing opportunity to embark on the next chapter in my life, a new job and the opportunity to explore Europe, are the direct result of my involvement with my local association as a Board of Director's member as the appointed Secondary Representative to NFPA for the New York City Paralegal Association.  I STRONGLY encourage each and every member of a local association who may be reading this article to become involved.  The rewards are so many, both professionally and personally.  The satisfaction of providing a meaningful CLE to a seasoned Paralegal or resume review and interview skills to a Paralegal Program student is immense.  This is but one example of how my dedication to the profession and in particular my dedication to National Affairs has led to an opportunity that I might never had had the opportunity to experience."

modified 11/25/2015

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